Things to Consider Before You Hire a Pest Control Service Provider

If you have seen a cockroach crawl on your kitchen floor or a spider dangle from the living room, then you know how bad it is to live with pests in the house. Pests can cause serious damages to your house, create an uncomfortable environment and cause illnesses. It is thus important you get a professional to help you get rid of pests. Here are a few things you need to consider so that you get the right company.

License and Certification

A good pest control company should have a license issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state department of agriculture. A license shows that the company is qualified to offer effective and safe services. In addition to licensure, make sure the company’s employees are certified. A certification is a proof of the employees’ knowledge and competency in pest control.


The reputation of the company is an important factor you cannot afford to ignore. Visit online review sites such as Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau and Consumer Review to get a glimpse of what previous customers say about the company. Do not hire a company that has a lot of negative reviews or poor ratings. Chances are that you will also have a negative experience if you choose to work with them. Go for a company that has positive reviews as well as a rating not below four stars.


You need a company that is insured and bonded. Insurance will prevent you from being held liable for any damages or injuries that might occur. Visit the company’s website to see if they have listed insurance as one of their qualifications. If you live in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, you can talk to Superior Solutions for insured and bonded services.


The company’s staff should be knowledgeable enough to provide accurate answers to any questions you might have. There could be one or two questions they may not answer off-hand. If this is the case, they should assure you that they will seek out answers and let you know in time. It is better to hear an honest feedback than to be given false or fabricated answers.


Before you begin your search, ask your friends, workmates and neighbors for recommendations. Only ask someone who had a previous experience with pests, not any person you find around. If you don’t have a friend, family or workmate who can give a good recommendation, ask your state pest control association.


You must also consider the experience level of the company. A company that is less experienced will most likely deliver poor services, which might put your life and that of your loved ones at risk. Ask the company how long they have been in business in the area. A good company should have at least two years of experience offering pest control services.

Controlling pests is an important activity you need to take seriously. Any wrong move can make the situation worse. Use the tips discussed in this post to hire the right the company.