How to Build the Best Server System for Your Business  



When it comes to building a server to support an entire business’s IT system, most business owners are in the dark. Ask an entrepreneur to make $1,000 in an hour and they’re on it, but ask them to build a comprehensive server that can support all of their tech needs? No thanks. If you are in the throes of rebuilding your IT system—whether with HP ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge or Dell Virtualization host servers—are setting up shop in a new office space or simply want to replace a few of your server parts, use these tips to find the best equipment and configure the best system for your needs.

Choose Your Platform

While onsite platforms are more secure than cloud-based platforms, they are much costlier. Cyber security is certainly a huge concern for business owners for a number of reasons, including protecting confidential customer information and keeping their own confidential assets hidden. However, as concerns over cyber threats diminish—or, maybe as people realize that the treats are always going to be there, whether they have an onsite server or not—more small business owners are opting for a cloud based platform on which to host their server. Both onsite and cloud-based are great options, but which you choose will all depend on the level of security you want to achieve.

Name Your Price

Like with all things IT, price is going to greatly affect what you can get. Many companies offer both new and refurbished servers and systems, giving the price conscious an opportunity to buy quality parts for less. Whether you want to invest in brand new Dell Virtualization host servers or are simply looking to replace Dell server for your small business, the right company will have what you need in stock, and right around your price range. If you can only afford refurbished parts, don’t despair, as refurbished servers are remanufactured with new components and sold in like-new condition. For many companies, refurbished servers are a far better investment than buying brand new.

Contract Out the Configuration

As mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about configuring your system yourself. In fact, if you don’t know IT systems, it’s best that you don’t attempt to mess with it at all. Many companies offer the ongoing technical support and account managers necessary to help you install and configure your server. These services include hardware installation, hardware relocation, infrastructure analysis, application installation and software installation. When you work with the right company, choosing the right server and configuring it to cater to your needs is a breeze!

Whether you want to reconfigure your whole server system with Dell Virtualization host servers or you simply want to replace a few parts, use the guide above to help you find equipment and configure the best system for your needs.