How Pest Control Companies Can Use Social Media

If you spend very much time on social media, you have likely noticed the plethora of videos that stretch themselves throughout your social networks. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, short videos are taking over! Have you thought about capitalizing on the popularity of short videos on Facebook?

In years past you may have wanted to post on Facebook as a source of advice on the area of  ‘pest control in New Orleans’ for example but did because you felt like it was just another add on these people’s feeds that make them irritated. You are right that people do not really appreciate having their feeds filled with business ads, but what about if you can go about it in a more clever way?

Fun Videos

Everyday is different when your job is to remove pests from inside of people’s homes. Think of all of the crazy infestations that you see everyday? You have probably seen some really huge hornets nests, hundreds of mice under people’s homes, and maybe even some huge rats. People are intrigued by these types of events.

One way to capitalize on social media is to create interesting videos of crazy infestations. If you are in someone’s crawl space and happen to come across a nest of baby mice, you should take a quick video and explain what it is that you are seeing. People love these kinds of videos because they feel very personal and real. It is simple for your exterminator to grab a quick video to share on social media. You will want to add a quick watermark on the video and get it uploaded to Facebook. As people watch the video for entertainment, rather than ignoring it because it was an ad, they will see the watermark on the video and you will be implanted into their memory.

One of the best ways to advertise is to slowly make a name for yourself in people’s heads without them even realizing. You want to be nondiscrete and slowly make your way into their thoughts. When they do have a pest control problem, they will remember your video.

Another fun idea would allow for your viewers to post images on your site of the different pests that they are seeing in their homes. Once they have posted answer their questions for them and make it a knowledgeable experience for the homeowner.

There are many fun ways that you can take advantage of the number of people who are on social sites without making them feel like you are taking away from their relaxation while they look at their social media sites. Rather than filling their feeds with boring ads, be creative and get in their heads without them even realizing.