Essential Snow Gear for Winter Fun

Many people dread winter because they imagine being stuck indoors with icy roads and freezing temperatures. However, winter provides opportunities that no other season of the year can match. Snow accessories like sleds, snowshoes, and other toys can make even the most stubborn snow hater enjoy the winter months. Here’s some of the best gear you should consider.


Blow-up snow sleds are a great way for any age to enjoy the snow. You can find classic tubes that can fit one or more people, or choose a variety of other inflatable sleds. Inflatable sleds come in numerous sizes and shapes that make it easy for the rider to stay in place and enjoy the whole ride. For the more adventurous sledder taking jumps, inflatables are a great choice because of the added cushion upon landing. Inflatable tubes and sleds are also great for storage purposes, since they can be stored compactly once winter ends.


There are numerous other types of sleds to choose from as well. Foam sleds are a comfortable choice with a slick underside that comes equipped with foam handles that are easy to keep hold of. They’re lightweight so even the smallest children can easily carry them back up the hill. Plastic sleds are still a popular choice because they provide a fast ride and come in a variety of 1 or 2-person varieties, including saucer, tray, roll-up carpet, spoon shaped, toboggan, and more. Some plastic sleds even have steering and braking capabilities.

Other Snow Toys

There are other snow toys to consider that can take your winter fun to a whole new level. Snow skates and snow scooters are a fun new way to enjoy the snow and to learn new tricks. There are also beginner snowboards meant to teach the basics of snowboarding if you have children who may be interested in advanced snowboarding later on.

Snowshoes and Trekking Poles

Snowshoes are another great way to enjoy the beauty of winter. Snowshoes are available for all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Few things compare to the peace and beauty of a snow-covered forest, and snowshoes are the perfect way to explore this environment. Trekking poles help improve the efficiency of a snow hike by stabilizing you over uneven ground. OtherĀ snow accessories to help make winter easier include a utility shovel for your vehicle and traction shoe covers to prevent slipping in icy, snowy conditions.


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