Five Ways You Can Impress the Driving Test Examiner

You may be a bit nervous when you go to a test drive for the first time. You want to show the best of you but the question is, “What if I end up doing something wrong and what if the examiner yells?” is hovering your mind. Well, the answer to this question is mentioned in the following paragraphs.

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First impression

It’s human nature to judge other people and the driving examiner is no exception. So, it’s important that you create your first impression.

  • Go for something smart but casual.
  • To avoid delay or any complication in your work bring all the prerequisite documents with you.
  • Greeting him with a warm smile would be a nice idea.

Try to act friendly

You may come across two types of driving examiners

  • A bit robotic type: who would seem to lack emotion. He would simply narrate instructions and the entire process to you.
  • Chatty type: who would love talking to you, so you will get little lucky here. You need not have to put great efforts here, he will initiate the conversation with you

In the latter case, take complete advantage during the test. You can ask him

  • About his job.
  • The type of people he meets during the test.
  • Also, you could ask him if any accident or scary incidents have ever taken place.

Examining all day long is a tedious work. Chatting and cracking some jokes could cheer your examiner and relieve some stress. He would enjoy your company, stay relaxed and ultimately, he could end up favouring you or giving some guidance during the test.

However, don’t get too much involved in talking. Don’t forget that it’s your test, so you need to focus.

Make him aware

Nobody is perfect, so are you. Chances are that you get nervous and end up making some mistake. You have to gain the examiner’s trust and ensure him that you’re a safe driver.

If you make any mistake, he will explain whether the mistake was a minor one or serious. If you know that you’re at fault

  • Accept your fault.
  • Ensure him that it won’t happen again.

There are certain rules and regulations regarding the test, which he has to follow. He has certain degree of freedom, though. If you tell him that you’re aware of the mistake, the examiner would get an impression that you are pretty much concerned about such things and might give you another chance.

Don’t give up easily

If you mess things up, ask him politely for a second chance. Don’t be scared to ask. You never know, he might have some time until the next test and thus may give another chance.

Other tips                                                                         

Always keep an eye on the speed limit sign. Check your speed to make sure that you don’t drive at a speed more than that.

Observe carefully like check into mirrors properly.

Don’t hurry and panic. Keep these things in mind and drive safely and confidently.



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