Cleaning Spaces with High or Hard to Reach Features

Dust accumulates everywhere, no matter how hard we work to keep on top of it.  One look heavenwards and you’ll usually see cob webs hanging from the ceilings and corners, and left too long, the dust clings to them, making them more visible as well as unsightly!  The drops above stair cases are notoriously difficult when it comes to cleaning, and so are likely to be a haven for spiders to spin their webs and trap their insect prey!  So imagine having a historical, grand or modified property to clean.  Vaulted ceilings, mezzanines and sky lights all look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but throw up all sorts of challenges for day to day cleaning.  Just how do we go about reaching those high ceilings which, in old buildings, can reach up to 20 feet?  Cleaning unreachable ceilings can make an everyday chore seem like a mammoth task!


Old fashioned, Victorian style buildings with high vaulted ceilings, and solarium style garden rooms may have the wow factor when it comes to buying property, whether it be domestic or commercial, but buyers can be put off when they realise that maintaining these kinds of property can be a nightmare, and may require the use of scaffolding!


There may be a simple solution to the cleaning problem, although the same can’t be said of painting and decorating.  To paint the ceilings and high reach walls, there is no easy fix, and it’ll boil down to hard work and/or cold hard cash.  Before you even begin to apply paint (which is likely to need a professional, or at the very least scaffold equipment) a clean will need to be carried out in order to remove loose dust and grease.  You can do this with the aid of a piece of equipment called a telescoping pole.  Fitted with a soft brush or cloth on the end, these can be easily sourced on the internet or in DIY stores, and can be extended to various lengths to reach those high and out of reach places from the floor, without the need for dangerous ladders.  If your ceiling is still too high, you may have to look into contracting a professional cleaning company, who will have more specialist equipment to deal with the problem.


Telescopic devices can be used for other tasks too – there are many on the market which tackle all kinds of jobs, from window cleaning to light bulb changing.  But not all difficult cleaning tasks are at high levels.  All sorts of dust and dirt can accumulate behind heavy or awkward to move furniture, or in places that we wouldn’t normally ‘see’.  So many places in and around our homes and offices harbour invisible bacteria, some of which we might never get round to cleaning.  For example, office water coolers can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not kept clean.  Unless you have the correct products to deal with eliminating bug and infection causing bacteria it might be worth renting your cooler – a technician will be sent regularly from the supplier to clean the equipment, saving you the hassle!  Door handles, keyboards, phones, table tops and sinks might all look meticulously clean to the naked eye, but with statistics saying that only 75% of us wash our hands after a bathroom visit and 80% of communicable diseases being transferrable by touch, it is easy to see why coughs, colds and infections spread like wildfire!