Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service in Your Business

  1. Hire people with the X factor.

Have you ever met someone and made a snap decision that you really liked this person despite knowing very little about them? In hiring a solid customer service team, look for people with magnetism, charisma, that X factor. If you don’t walk away from a 15 minute interview with a person with an inexplicable affinity and trust for the person, neither will your customers.

  1. Train up an Informed Sales Team

Closing a sale means helping the transaction go as smoothly as possible, and if your products are expensive, your customers are going to have questions. Train EVERY customer service rep nearly as well as you would train your tech team. Make sure they know the product up and down, inside out to take out the middle man and speed up interactions. Sales reps with more than just charm to offer close sales.

  1. Develop Relationships

Just like in your own personal relationships, the little things leave a lasting impression on customers. Train all of your staff to exercise kindness, empathy and active listening skills. This will lend into handling customer complaints with grace and attentiveness. Instead of “the customer is always right” mentality that trains your staff to shut down emotions and deal robotically with people, start with “every customer matters to us.” It changes the tone of the conversation from dealing with customers to relating to customers.

  1. Don’t Forget about the Millenials

Utilize facebook and instagram. These are the ways to build a reputation with millenials and love it or hate it, they are the future. Soon enough, all sales tactics will shift greatly to accommodate the changing clientele. Get ahead of the game and start speaking their language now. Make feedback easy to give on these social media platforms and hire only your best to deal with customer relations on those websites. Sometimes all a millenial will know about your business is from what your facebook page has on it, use that knowledge to your advantage.

  1. Take Notes from Undercover Boss

As the owner, you should know your business from head to toe. What better way to get the clearest view of your company than from the perspective of a potential customer? If everyone knows your name and face, it may be more wise to send in a spouse or a friend whose perspective you trust, but one way or another, give it a try. You can’t address problems you don’t know about and many issues, easily solved ones at that, stem directly from the customer’s experience of your business.

  1. Keep Setting New Goals and Casting Vision

One of the key components behind successful companies that stay successful is to keep gaining traction. Those goals might entail new products, employee incentives, customer incentives, more sales, having a plan for when your company outgrows itself, using growth to nourish employees and making your business a desirable employer, expanding outreach, etc. Maintaining long term and short term goals and making sure your team knows them and has a grasp on the direction your business is headed in will add a fortitude to your success that can bear the brunt of setbacks and slow seasons.

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