A Guide to Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is a new industry that has been gaining traction rapidly in the recent past. This is mainly because, for the past few years, parents have started embracing the idea of having their baby’s portraiture even at very tender ages. However, most parents don’t ask the potential newborn photographers the right questions to get the best pick. Here are guidelines on how to go about choosing the right newborn photographer for your baby.

Safety is paramount

Newborn photography requires a lot of skills and patience. Remember, you’re entrusting the safety of your newborn to a stranger and that means the individual you choose has to have a strong portfolio of artwork and reputation. If you choose someone who doesn’t have the right skills to handle a baby safely when setting up the video shoot or session, it might create unnecessary stress, and probably the quality of videos or photos will be poor. You should hire a professional who has created a good past relationship with his or her clients. Even the assistants who help in handling the toddlers should be skilled.

Duration of sessions and variety of poses

Remember, babies are sensitive and a good photographer should know how to quickly capture the best poses before the baby starts to get bored and compromise the quality of the images. Working with prouddaddy.com.au will guarantee you that the videos captured will bring out the best in your baby – the sounds and natural behaviors of your baby – within the shortest time possible in perfect clarity.
The duration of the sessions is also determined by the variety of poses you expect or what the newborn photographer suggests. Alternatively, the photographer can duplicate the images or videos in black and white to increase the number of images. With about 10 poses, an experienced newborn photographer can come up with several images through detailed editing.

Storage options

With the advancements in technology, most parents settle for newborn photographers who give them an option to store their photos and videos in digital files or USB. With such an option, it’s possible to transfer the images to other mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, or better still, on the cloud. In fact, the photographer should give you hardcopy prints and the digital files.

Full-service studio

Established newborn photographers run full-service photo studios where they have sampled their previous projects. Moreover, these studios act as archival solutions for parents who want some of their babies’ photos kept safely for years. The management of the studio should explain the available options of archival products so that you can choose the most suitable product according to your preferences and budget.

Sales and pricing

It’s advisable to book an appointment with your preferred candidates for a detailed chat before you sign any contract. During these meetings, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you allow siblings, family members, and close friends in the sessions?
  • What are your policies concerning making printouts from the digital photos?
  • What will be the resolution of the digital softcopies and will there be a watermark on the photos?
  • When will the photos be ready?
  • How does your sales process work?
  • What is your pricing and terms of payment?

A photographer who avoids answering your questions should be skipped. Don’t focus so much on pricing but instead get the best affordable quality. Ensure that all your questions have been answered compressively and if you’re satisfied with the services, then you can sign a contract.